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What is SEO SEO?

We’re an independent digital agency based in New South Wales.  I’ve been building websites and creating compelling content since 2007 – as well as learning all about search engine optimisation (SEO) along the way.  We’re happy to have a chat and discover if we’re right for each other – then you can take advantage of my years of experience.


Why should I use SEO-SEO?

We assess each new client on a one to one basis and with a view to building a deep and lasting search footprint.  You want niche results from a fair-dinkum individual who won’t give you a cut-and-paste solution.


How much does it cost?

SEO-SEO offers a realistic alternative to buying ads on FB or G until the end of time.  Our SEO-SEO package will build a pathway for your business to appear higher and higher in the search results over time.  There is no “quick fix” – seo is a marathon not a sprint.  You can get started for as little as 3 months at $260/month.


Are your links and content permanent?

YES!  SEO-SEO is a multi dimensional media agency – we create original content unique to your business and point it to your website.  This content will attract traffic and clicks and customers potentially forever.  It’s called evergreen content.  Unlike others, we don’t “rent” links and then cancel them as soon as you stop paying your monthly fee.


How do you measure success?

We use best practice campaign management tools and independent statistics from industry heavyweights.  You’ll get a detailed three page report each month specifying exactly what content was created, where it was posted, and more.  We aim to nurture new clients into long term business relationships so we minimise churn and have a small tribe who really benefit!  Join today!

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"Awesome. Once we set up the package we really noticed a difference with website traffic – and then the orders started coming more regularly! A bit of tinkering at the start and you’re all done!"

John D,

"Got my whole site setup in less than a week. Noticed results by the end of the month.  Superb!"

Jane K,

"Much rather build something longer term than just buying ads everyday.  Best seo guy I’ve come across.  Easy to setup."